Let the Sparks fly” “Sometimes we need to lose ourselves and become invisible to the outside world. It’s the only way I know to find me again and drown out all the negatives.


Hi everyone, my name is Piper Kay and I’m an author in the M/M genre, more specific Gay Erotica, LGBT Erotica, and Gay Romance. I wanted to give a special shout out to everyone here at Divine Promotions for all the hard work they’ve put into making this a very successful release for me. Many thanks, hugs and kisses. Yall are amazing.

So, what I wanted to do, is write and give a  little bit about how Passion’s Pride, book three, of The Passion Series, all came about.

It’s been a build-up since book one, A Perfect Passion. the characters all get involved in each other’s lives. You know how people get to pick and choose their family, and blood has nothing to do with it, well my character, Sparky aka Serge is that centerpiece of the family.

It’s strange because in book two, Payce’s Passion, it still carries into it the characters from book one. Sparky however, just snaps that all in place and he didn’t even know he did it. What is funny about it, is that the little spitfire was only going to have one line in the story. Well, being his author and all, he slapped me inside the head and just took off running, so there was no way I could leave him with his original ‘one liner’. I couldn’t stop him for a minute of the day and managed to get a few migraines behind him, not to mention shin-splints from bouncing my leg up and sown so fast.

Sparky wasn’t having it any other way until he got his own book. Period, but he was anything but shy of letting me know he wanted it. I didn’t plan to have a third book in the series, but you see how far that got me. LOL

Passion’s Pride was developed in my head almost immediately, but I didn’t know which way the characters were going to take it, so I had to wait and sit it out for them to tell me, then sit down and try to keep up with him. I wanted Serge and Ash’s to have a story and for it to be intense, but keep Sparky playful. At that time, I just knew there would be a book three, but no clue which way to run it.

I was going through some difficult family issues, and my mother passed away, so I couldn’t focus on anything, though I kept trying, but every time I tried to write it, I’d end up deleting it, because I wasn’t doing the character’s justice by forcing a story out of them. Much less any readers either. I was scared I’d lost my characters, but I think they were just giving me time to get my head cleared out from personal stuff.  And, I appreciated that from them. LOL

But once did sort of ease up, they started whispering again, then eased that into a shout. LOL they’re crazy, I tell you. I sat at the computer and typed until my fingers dang near bled, but I loved it. They led me on such a journey through Passion’s Pride, that covers such a range of emotions, you never know who to smack, kiss, hug or laugh and cry for.

This book was truly a joy to write, and I hope my readers agree.

Title:  Passion’s Pride

Series:  The Passion Series, Book 3

Release Date: May 12, 2017

Publisher:  Encompass Ink

Categories:  MM, Gay Romance, Gay Erotica

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23830235-passion-s-pride


Ash and Serge, aka Sparky, have always felt a pull to each other, a special connection – a draw that not only tugs at the heart, but at the denims too. Afraid to act upon these feelings and risk ruining their friendship, they fight it until faced with a life-threatening situation. Not once, but twice. Can Ash and Sparky’s relationship withstand these battles they face while slowly crawling through the depths of hell for each other? Or will pride cause them to miss their one real chance at happiness?

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072LHQ95B

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B072LHQ95B

Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B072LHQ95B

Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B072LHQ95B


Sparky’s POV from Passion’s Pride

Still straddling him around the waist, latched on to him like a tree frog on glass, he opens the front door, then kicks it closed behind us with the heel of his boot. Hottness!

“That was the bravest thing anyone has ever done for me, Serge.” The pupils in his eyes dilate, making them a sultry and seductive shade of brown.

“I was just showing off for you. See, chivalry isn’t dead.” I wind my arms around his neck.

“But you could have been killed and why? It wasn’t worth the risk.” Ash holds on tight to me.

“Put me down, right now.”  I demand.

Ash releases me, and I stand there with my hand on my hip trying to decide how to address him on his remark. My foot echoes down the hallway, as I tap it against the entry way tiles.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” He cocks his head to the side. He’s so freaking adorable when he does that and it’s making it difficult for me to concentrate.

“Because of what you just said, Mister. I’m not sure whether to smack you across the face, withhold the goodies, or actually explain it so that you understand it clearly.” I’m trying so hard to keep a straight face.

“Withhold the goodies? I’d rather take the slap, to be honest.”

“Well, okay, I wasn’t really going to do either or those things, because that would be sort of like punishing myself, which I am totally not into, by the way, but it sounded really convincing, didn’t it?”

“Very much so.” Ash grins at me.

“Almost like I’d taken acting lessons or something. Buuuuut, back to the matter at hand, it was worth the risk. You’re worth the risk to me. I’ve waited for two long years hoping you’d actually kiss me one day, and wa-laa, you did. That’s worth a bullet to the skull any day of the week.” I point my finger to my temple like a gun.

“Do you ever take anything seriously? I mean it. Aaron is one crazy nutcrack, this could have ended way differently. And by the way, I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time too.” Ash crouches over, thrusting one shoulder forward, then the other and, stalks in closer to me.

“Wait! Hold the damn phone, you have?”  Ash grins, then nods.

“Then what in the Sam Hill took you so long then?” This better be good.


Review by Truus

Ash and Serge (Sparky)
They have a get together with friends, a sort of celebration….It will be a great day…..
Until it turns out to be a horrible nightmare…

A close friend circle Brax and Payce, Damien and Dax, Ash and Serge.
When they are gathered and Damien is kissing Dax, Brax stands with Payce, Serge is wiggle his finger to Ash to come over….
Ash grins and…..everything turns black…and there goes Serge…. to the ground…

The story told from both pov only Ash is speaking in the present and Sparky is dreaming the past.
Their views are totally different Ash is devastated because Serge health is in jeopardy …
And Serge is dreaming his awesome dreams….

The comateous dreams are….full of hot and steamy sex….Sparky revives every hot encounter they had in the past….also we get a look in Ash his life, the hard things he have been through.
Ash on the other hand is with Sparky, sitting at his hospital bed every day and night. When Payce (always a suspicious attitude toward Ash)…is angry with Ash and ask him to do more for Serge…..Ash turns on his heels and get out of the room….slamming the door…and knows exactly what to do…
Facing his awful past…and turn to his horrible rich parents….

A bit chaotic read… substantively it was sometimes disorganized. I had to read some parts twice before getting it. I didn’t read the previous books and maybe I should have….
There were a lot… read: and lot of hot sex scenes….I think 70% was about Sparky’s comateous dreams. The developing of their personalities and the illness could have been more. Serge was one little crack fire, loud and funny and extrovert, Ash was more serious but loving Serge hard. Luckily everything turns out well 🙂

It was an entertaining read and when you are a lover of a lot of sex scenes this one is for you.

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